Luling Children's Business Fair


- Presented by the Luling Area Chamber of Commerce -

The purpose of our business fair is to introduce local kids to the vast and fulfilling world of entrepreneurism. Those that take part in this event will learn the process of planning, launching, and maintaining their own small business. Valuable lessons picked up along the way will prepare participants for success in business. This great opportunity to nurture an idea into reality will encourage business confidence and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit.



Are you having trouble getting started?

We suggest keeping things simple.

  • Brainstorm - make a quick list of things that you think would be easy to make, and that people will need or might enjoy
  • Talk it Up - come up with a brief explanation of why people need your product or service and believe in it
  • Build - assemble your product and work out the bugs
  • Sell - get your product out there, so that you can receive valuable feedback
  • Improve - refine your product or service while keeping feedback in mind

Check out this cool write-up for more inspiration.

Here's a few ideas to get your brain pumping.

Bake and sell delicious treats, yard clean-up and mowing service, grow and sell plants....

Check this out for more great ideas.

Compose a Business Plan

Start thinking about the marketing and financial side of things, things like: coming up with a business name, and who would most likely buy your product or service.

Check out this great resource for help with composing a business plan.

Try these Sweet Games for Ideas

Coffe Shop

Try it out.

Galactic Zappers

Try it out.

Price Point

Try it out.

Robo Rush

Try it out.

Fistful of Dollars

Try it out.

Lemonade Stand-Off

Try it out.

- FAQs -

What is it?

The one-day Business Fair is an opportunity for youth to develop a product or service, build a marketing strategy and then open for customers at our one-day marketplace.

How do I apply?

Click 'Apply' in the menu above to access our online application form. You may also download the application here, and drop it off at the Chamber Office. Use our contact link above if you have any further questions. Be sure to apply soon, as we will only be able to accept 50 businesses.

Who may apply?

Children ages 8 - 17 (at the time of the fair). The competition will be divided into four different age groups:

The application deadline is September 20, 2019.

NOTE: If you have a group working together, they will be put into the age group of the oldest participating member.

What are the rules?

Will there be prizes?

Cash prizes of $50 will be awarded in each age group (to be divided between participants in each booth) in the following categories:

The Luling Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Moolah University, so that we can offer one Grand Prize Scholarship to the top participant in each age group. This Grand Prize will be a week long camp to Moolah - U!

This kids' business camp is the most exciting and hands-on way to get kids “Money Smart“. In just one week, they will create a real business, make a real product, and sell it for real money. And they get to KEEP the money they make! The exciting experience gives them a tangible perspective of how money works and the true value of how to use it to make more money (rather than just spending it all!)

When will the business fair be held?

Where will the business fair be held?


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